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Rijksmuseum, The Greatest Museum in The World

rijksmuseum amsterdam

This museum exists fore more than two hundred years and today belongs to the most wonderful museums in the world!
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Rijksmuseum in English means The State of Museum. This museum exists fore more than two hundred years and today belongs to the most wonderful museums in the world. During the existence, the museum went through many transformations which make it better. Rijksmuseum is the most popular museum in Amterdam. This museum literally Imperial Museum in Amsterdam and known as the greatest museum in the world to see Dutch art.

rijksmuseum amsterdam

A short history of this museum, this museum was opened at 1800 dan the firs collection to the public as the Nationalle Kunstgallerij (National Art Gallery). Since then, it moved several times before being established in Amsterdam in 1808 by the decree oof the King of the Netherlands, Louis Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon. 

This museum was named then The Royal Museum, received in 1815 from the Dutch King Willem I its present name. Then, in 1815 Rijksmuseum moved to its beautiful building that designed by The Dutch architect Petrus J.H Cuypers. The design of this buiding is fashionable Duthch neo-Renaissance style, using historical neo-Gothic elements in it form and decoration.

There are mostly famous painting which become the top attraction. Visitors can expect much more than just paintings by Dutch Masters from the Golden Age, this museum is expansive, evocative collection also includes Delftware, sculptures, archaological artefacts, clothing, Asian Art, prints, iems from Dutch maritime history and many othe culturally significant objects, all combining to vividly xplore 800 years of Duth history within a global context.

rijksmuseum amsterdam

Morever, you can see some other works, such as "Night Watch" which made by Rembrandt Van Rijn and most well-known painting that is famous throughout the world. This museum's Gallery of Honour in which paintings from great masters are displayed, including Frans Hals, Jan Steen, Vermeer and Remrandt. Even if you have only little time to spare for a visit, this is where you can see the best of the Golden Age in one place.

After that, discover life in the Golden Age by exploring the centuries-old doll's houses, the oldest of hich dates from 1676. Then, A gorgeous collestion of Delf Blue Pttery ranging from tea sets to vases. Last, you can see The Cuypersbiblioteek which is the biggest and oldest art history library in Holland.


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Beside the art, people can see Rijksmuseum's garden which very fresh. It's a ideal spot to sit and relax amidst magnificent surrounding or you can stroll to bowse its sculptures and greeny for free.

rijksmuseum amsterdam

rijksmuseum amsterdam


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Hi guys, if you are museum lovers and you have a plan trip to Holland, I suggest you to visit Rjksmuseum. Finally, after Anne Frank House, I could explore another museum in Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum is located at Museumstraat 1, 1071, Asterdam. To go there, you can take Tram 2, 3, 5, 12. 

rijksmuseum amsterdam


Tips dan Trik rijksmuseum amsterdam

Rijksmuseum is open all year around from 9 am tp 5 pm. This museum is usually most crowded between 11 am to 3 pm, the best strategy to enjoy the museum is thus to avoid the middle of the day by arriving early or late afternoon. For the admission fee is abut €17.50 per person and free admission for children under 18 years old. Don't forget to bring camera and always keep this place clean.

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