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Kensington Palace

Kensinton Palace is place where the royal family live on. In this palace has become royal palace since 17 century and place where Princess Diana.

What to Do kensinton palace

Kensinton Palace is place where the royal family live on. In this palace has become royal palace since 17 century and place where Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and Princess Alice live. But now, Kensington Palace become official house of the Duke and the Dutchess of Cambridge, the Duke and the Dutches of Gloucester and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

kensinton palace

Kensington Palace was Nottingham House, a mansion with Jacobean architecture, combination between gothic and classic. This mansion was bought by William III and his wife, Marry II (King and Queen at that time) on 1689. After that, Nottingham House was renovated by Sir Christopher Wren by add a pavillion in every corner of the mansion. 

kensinton palace

Until nowadays, Kensington Palace become Royal Family home and one of them os Prince Charles and Princess Diana. This palace is where Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry was raised. This palace become a paradise for children because have long way, helipad, gardens, including rooftop garden where the Royal Family spend their free time there. In this palace also, Princess Diana's coffin placed before was buried at Westminister Abbey at 6 September 1997. 

kensinton palace

Like other palaces, Kensington is open for public and get attention of many tourists from around the world. Kensington Palace first open for public on 26 March 2012, there are some exhibitions that you can see. They are King's Apartments, Queen's Apartments, State Apartments, King's Gallery, King's Great Staircase and live performance 'House of Cards' by Coney. Beside all of that exhibitions, there are also temporary exhibitions. All of these exhibitions already include on one standard ticket, so you don't have to buy another ticket.

kensinton palacekensinton palace

kensinton palacekensinton palace

Beside the building itself, Kensington Garden also becoming the interesting place to visit. This garden was private garden but now is open for public. You can chill out or just taking picture around this garden. Maybe you could meet with one of Royal Family member here :)

kensinton palace

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How to Get There kensinton palace

Finish breakfast with some calories with Full English Breakfast, I wanna explore the palace where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live, Kensington Palace. Kensington Palace is located in Kensington Garden, near Hyde Park. To reach this palace, you can take bus line 70, 94, 148, 390 to Bayswater Road or Line 9, 10, 49, 52, 70, 452 to Kensington High Street. Another public transportation that you can use is Tube to Kensington High Street, Queensway or Notting Hill Gate.

Tips and Trick kensinton palace

This palace is open all over the year, but it will closed on Christmas day (24 - 26 December). On 1 March - 31 October, this palace will open from 10 am to 5 pm and during 1 Nopember - 28 February this pacae will open from 10 pm to 4 pm. Admission fee for a person is about £14.40 per adults, you can book it online here. Don't forget to bring camera for taking picture and always keep this palace clean :)

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