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Sea Life London Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium is one of large aquarium in the world which have many collections!!!

What to Do sea life london aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium is one of large aquarium in the world which have many collections. In this aquarium, you'll meet various of sea creatures over than 3000 kind of species. Such as green turtle, tropical shark and other kind of fishes which can see closely.

sea life london aquarium

There are 14 different zone in three floors, they are fresh water, atlantic, river and pool, pacific, Hindian Ocean, Atlantic, Swimming Pool, Tropical water. After that, they have pacific zone, coral reefs, invertebrata, tropical water, mangroves and rain forest. The most popular attraction is Penguin Exhibit, Shark Walk and Shark Reef Encounter.

sea life london aquarium

sea life london aquarium

You can walk down underwater tunnel which made from glass and got unforgetable moment. Moreover, in this aquarium you can enjoy the food and chill out accompanied by thousands of fishes, feedig fishes and diving. 

sea life london aquarium

sea life london aquarium

sea life london aquariumsea life london aquarium

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How to Get There sea life london aquarium

For you who love underwater world, don't forget to visit one of tourism place which gives you information about sea life. Located near London Eye, Sea Life Aquarium London is one of different tourism place in London. This place is the best place to learn about sea life and any magical object inside. 

Sea Life Aquarium is located in Ground Level of Country Hall, South Bank, beside the Thames River. The full address is Country Hall, Westminister Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB. For reaching Sea Life Aquarium is very easy, you can take bus number 211, 24 and 11 which through South Bank and Waterloo. Beside bus, you can take train to Waterloo Station and arriving there you can walk about 10 minutes to aquarium.

sea life london aquarium

Tips and Trick sea life london aquarium

Need 1,5 hours to explore this Sea Life Aquarium and before entering this large aquarium, you should buy the admission fee about £26 per person. You can buy it online here. This place is very good for your children and family, because they could learn about underwater world and kind of fishes. Don't forget to bring camera, but don't turn on the flash because it will disturb the fishes. This aquarium is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm in weekday and 9.30 am to 7 pm in weekend. So, what are you waiting for? go visit Sea Life Aquarium now ;)

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