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Chilling Out at Trafalgar Square

Im gonna tell you a little story about this square. Trafalgar Square is the biggest main square in London.

What to Do trafalgar square

Im gonna tell you a little story about this square. Trafalgar Square is the biggest main square in London. This square located in the City of Westminister and open space where people can relax, hangout or just walking around. Trafalgar Square surrounded by some immportant buildings and also become the center of main traffic intersection in London. 

trafalgar square

This square was opened at 1844 and designed by Charles Barry aimed for cultural activity and ceremony. This square was named as Charing or Charing Cross because a memorial built crossing this square. This square's name changing become Trafalgar for celebrate the victory of Brithis's Fleet from France in Trafalgar War on 1805. Until now, this square known as Trafalgar Square. 

trafalgar square

In the middle of the square, there's granite pillar which built for remember Horatio Nelson, a deputy admiral who leads the Brithis fleet on Trafalgar War. This pillar called Nielson's Column. Beside, in the north of Nielson's Column, there are fountain which has high until 24 meters. These fountains were designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens on 1930 dedicated for Lord Jellicoe and Lord Beatty. Moreover, you can see some statues of famous people in every corner of this square.

trafalgar square

trafalgar square

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From this square you can start your trip to explore London City, because near this square you can see National Gallery and Buckingham Palace. Or you can just sit around here and looking around this square to enjoy the weather while taking some photo. Beside relaxing, you can also learn about the history of this square. Very interesting, isn't it? 

How to Get There trafalgar square

Finish tasting the best hot chocolate in London at Paul A Young, Elaine ask me, "Is Trafalgar Square close from here?" and I answer directly, "Yes, why?". "Take me there, please" she ask me. So, we walk to the City of Westminister by walk which only need 11 minutes. During this trip Elaine, capturing some old building around us.

Tips and Trick trafalgar square

This square is open for public everyday for free. You can come everytime you want. Beside walk, you can visit this square by using bus line 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 23, 24, 29, 53, 87, 88, 91, 139, 159, 176, 453. Or by tube with to the nearest underground stations, Charing Cross, Embankment or Leicester Square.

trafalgar square

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