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27 Apr 2018

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I haven't visit this cafe before and visit it because of my friend's suggestion.

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Last weekend, I make time to meet my friend in one of famous cafe in Soho. I haven't visit this cafe before and visit it because of my friend's suggestion. Milkbar is a tiny cafe nestled in interminable streets of Soho by making a wrong turn. This place is not flamboyant or conspicuous and does not portray itself as part of the eccentric cafe scene in London, but instead seems a destination for simplycity and calm.



Milkbar also serve coffee the same award-winning producer, Drop Coffee, experts in the field that are Swedish in origin.I love their interior which very warm and homey with a few pieces of art upon the walls, wood furniture and colourful patterned seats by a small coffee table at the window.


Their friendly staffs play a good music and offering some recommended pastries and confections that do not find themselves on most traditional cafe menus. I had their espressos which very tasty. It hand-pured filters and their drip filter cold-brews are also rather delicious here. I also had their burger which very soft and delicious. It's nice for snack because the portion not too much.



Well, this place is very nice for chill with your besties or just having 'me time' with yourself. You can find great coffee, good music and lovely people that could make your mood better.

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