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Step 1

- Go to website

- Click on the "Join Us" menu on the top-right part of the page

Step 2

- Now the form to Register as User at GoTravelly will be shown

- Enter your desired user information in the form

Step 3

- Click the checkbox in the form

Step 4

- There will be a popup window showing the GoTravelly Privacy Policy

- Make sure to read it all the way to the end carefully and understand the content

- Click the "I Agree" button

Step 5

- Click the "I'M JOINING IN!" button

Step 6

- Check your email's inbox and spam folder

- Open the email from GoTravelly with the subject "Account Activation"

Step 7

- Click the "Activate Account" button in the email content

Step 8

- After the account activation process is finished, you will be automatically redirected to your account's Wizard page

- Fill in all the required information

- Click the "Update" button

Step 9

- After completing the Wizard page, you will be automatically redirected to your Basecamp page

- Move your mouse pointer to your username on the left side of the page to show the User menu and click the button that has three lines in it

- Click the "Edit Profile" from the menu

Step 10

- In this page, you can edit your GoTravelly user information

Step 11

- After completing all the desired information, click the "Update" button to update your GoTravelly user information

Step 12

- Now your updated GoTravelly user information will be shown on your Basecamp page

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